Machine Upgrades

- improving efficiency and productivity
EFCO has approximately 150 glass furnaces in the field and over many years we have serviced and upgraded these systems. We have 'innovated' continually and we are now able, by using the latest electronics available to us, to ensure greater efficiency and productivity of your furnace or annealling system than was possible before.

Please find here some further details of the upgrades we undertake to EFCO systems around the world. Our comprehensive upgrade service includes:

Air System Upgrade - Click for more details

Sidewall Blocking Upgrade

The furnace rollers must pass through the furnace side wall insulation. In  early furnaces this is an area of high potential heat loss causing unstable furnace temperatures, premature roller bearing failures and raising your fuel bill. EFCO can supply and fit specially designed precision machined modules which keep heat loss to a minimum. In addition, in the event of damage, modules can be replaced easily and quickly.

Control System Upgrade - Click for more details

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