Aspirated Convection System Upgrade

We will install a fully computer controlled aspirated convection system which enables your machine to temper toughenable ‘Soft Coated’ Low ‘E’ glass as well as increasing the machines productivity.

Our 'ADVANCED' system provides aspirated convection to the upper and lower surfaces of the glass. The convection air pressure is automatically controlled and profiled to suit the glass charge length. The upper convection sprays are individually proportionally pressure controlled from the computer control system. The lower sprays are pressure controlled as a group but are still independently switchable via electric solenoids.

When this aspiration system is fitted, the following process times are achievable: -

Clear Float: 35-40 seconds per mm thickness.
Hard Coat Low ‘E’: 45-50 seconds per mm thickness.
Soft Coat Low ‘E’: 55-60 seconds per mm thickness.

For example; in our most recent application, a cycletime of 135 seconds is used for 4mm clear glass.

The upgrade is fully computer controlled and with the use of specially designed air delivery nozzles provide a controlled and programmed application of heat transfer which ensures fast and efficient heat up of the glass.

In all cases the Low ‘E’ coating is left intact and uniform, flatness is maintained, production is consistent and breakages are kept to an absolute minimum.

The systems offered are completely self-contained and only require you to supply a switchable 3 phase 380v supply suitable for the compressor motor. The systems include: -
  • Electric Screw type Air Compressor and Receiver Unit
  • Floor standing Control Box fitted with proportional and solenoid air valves
  • Air-dryer and Filtration
  • External pipework and trunking
  • Internal air feed pipes and spray nozzles
  • Upgraded PC software and hardware to enable automatic operation from within your existing tempering machine control system.
The site installation of the upgrade would be carried out within 5 working days. Re-commissioning and operator re-training would take a further 3 days. Please note that during the installation and commissioning period the furnace would have to be out of production for 3/4 days.

Contact Details

If you are interested or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Manager.

Tel: +44 (0) 23 9223 2348
Fax: +44 (0) 23 9224 1458

Upgraded System Control Software

Shown here - a partial image
of the computer screen.

New easy-to-use software will assist you to run your upgraded furnace via a system of recipes.