Control System Upgrades

Is your tempering machine is fitted with old electronic control equipment? Is your furnace fitted with an Operator Control Screen and the machine PLC that can no longer be serviced? Should either of these systems fail, there is a distinct possibility that you would be unable to process glass for a long period of time whilst a replacement system is being obtained and fitted.

To avoid this potential production washout, we are encouraging customers to invest in a programmed up-grade.

Upgrade to Operator MMI & Control Software.
This fully integrated upgrade will include:

  • The removal of the existing ‘Xycom’ Operator Control Screen.
  • The modification of the control panel front plate to accommodate a new flat screen monitor.
  • The fitting of a keyboard shelf, keyboard and mouse to the control panel front.
  • The fitting of a ‘Mini Tower’ PC into the control cubicle. 
  • The fitting of the necessary power and data cables.
  • The supply and installation of the new Efco Windows® based Operator Software.
  • The setting up and re-parameterising of up to 5 glass recipes.
  • System re-commissioning.
  • Operator training.
This work would need to be carried out whilst the tempering machine is out of production over a three day period. A fourth day would be required for re-commissioning and training. Some production would be possible during this period.

Upgrade to Operator MMI & Software plus Machine PLC
With the replacement of the operator control screen and software, you will be able to up-grade the machine PLC to the new generation Siemens S7 PLC. The PLC is responsible for translating operator and recipe instructions into machine activity and is therefore a vital component. Included in this package is the PLC application programming which is unique for every tempering machine.

Replacing the XYCOM operator control screen and existing PLC will reduce the risk of extended machine down time and lost of production.

This additional work would entail: -

  • The removal of the existing system PLC.
  • The fitting of a Siemens S7 PLC into the control cubicle. 
  • The fitting and connection of the necessary power and data cables.
  • The supply and installation of the PLC application programme.
  • System re-commissioning.

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